Maki Nage

Stream Processing Made Easy

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Unify your data processing

Maki Nage is a reactive framework for stream processing. Execution in real-time data, on potentially infinite sources of events, is now easy. Write computations graphs, and run them on many sources of data.

Maki Nage also supports batch data. Stream and batch data processing is unified with the same APIs!

Speed up your deployments

Maki Nage APIs are designed for data scientists while the configuration targets operation teams.

  • Start working on your laptop
  • Scale locally on a single server or small cluster
  • Deploy your code on a production Kafka cluster

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Add your own data transforms

Every project is unique. While Maki Nage implements the most common data transforms, you can write new ones with ease - in pure Python - either by composition, either from scratch, in a few lines of code.

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